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The Battery Manager3 EV for Electric Vehicle conversion is in production now.

It comes in three versions for different voltage systems, 100V, 200V, and 300V. The 100V version is suitable for up to 72V systems, the 200V is for up to 144V systems, and the 300V version handles up to 216V systems. Both the 200V and the 300V come with a separate 12V to 12V isolated power supply to operate the unit. The 100V can run directly from packs up to 48V, and with an included diode, can run from packs up to 72V.

It displays battery pack Voltage, Current, Amp/Hours consumed, and a 40 segment "Gas Gauge".

Here is an EXCEL chart of the first 10 minutes of a ride in a fresly charged ZENN, using a special fast sampling 100V version of the BatMan3EV. Near the middle of the chart, we went down a steep hill resulting in a peak of 160A of regen current, followed by sitting at the light at the bottom of the hill.

You can buy them from

Cloud Electric


Electric Vehicles USA.