Battery Manager EL (BatMan)

BatManEL Want to keep track with what's going on with your batteries? The "BatMan" is a "Battery Manager". It shows the status of your battery energy usage. Cloud Electric use them in all our 24 Volt Electrathon Racing Vehicles.

This is a standalone display (no E-meter is required).

It shows your battery Volts, Amp Draw , Amp hours used and Elapsed time. All in one Display!

The characters are 4.84mm wide by 9.66mm high. This makes them large enough to read when your head is bouncing one way, and the car another. It has an adjustable LCD Contast which allows you to adjust it for different temperatures.

The four things the Batman displays are:

  1. Battery Current. From ~360A discharge to ~40A charge.
  2. Battery Voltage. From 7V to 35V MAXIMUM.
  3. Amp Hours Used. Measured from reset.
  4. Race Time. Starts after about .015AH used, usually during the first second of a race.
It has four wiring connections to make, three are to the shunt that comes with the meter.
  1. Shunt battery side sense
  2. Shunt load side sense
  3. Meter negative (shunt load side)
  4. Meter positive
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You can buy them from CloudElectric.