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Posted: October 4th, 2008 under BSD General.

Today was a busy day! It started out getting a couple of BatMan3-EV’s ready to ship. The problem was one of them was a new version with the DC to DC converter inside the unit. I suppose that shouldn’t be too much of a problem, all except for the manual.
I had to rewrite the manual, because the connections changed. Then I had to get some of them reproduced.

I also spent some time working on EVIL-USB adapters for Rich Rudman. The new versions seem to work really well, but the MK3 regs weren’t receiving from them very well. I also found that the new Reg Scanner software I had built wouldn’t talk to com ports above 9. This was a problem because the 5 EVIL-USB’s I had just finished building, ended up being com14-com18 on my laptop. So I fired up another project with my East Indian programmer to fix it, but he had the audacity to be asleep!

By then, it was time to wander into Seattle to meet with some SEVA folks, and meet EVJerry Asher who has been driving “The Spirit of DC” all around the country. The Spirit is a plug in hybrid Prius, and so far he has hit around 30 states, and a whole bunch of EV clubs. When I started this entry, he had moved on, and was just south of Tacoma, and now he appears to be visiting the Washington State Capitol in Olympia. You can see where he is by visiting his site:http://www.spiritofdc.com/ then going to MAP, and then following the big link “Click here to see the Spirit of DC’s current Location”.

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