BSD Lithium Iron Phosphate regulator.

Posted: October 17th, 2008 under BSD General, On Road EV.

Are you thinking of using Lithium batteries in your next EV conversion? At around $200 per cell, you probably want to protect that investment. To help you, I just got the first pass of my Lithium Iron Phosphate battery regulator working! It is a 1 ohm load, that switches on at 3.8V. That is a similar amount of load to the Rudman MK3 regs that Manzanita sells for me.

They mount right to the top of a 100AH “Lightning Bolt” cell, and daisy chain to gether. When they are all hooked together, we should be able to control a Manzanita PFC charger with them.

The prototype draws around 1mA if it has a light blinking, which it does below 2.7V and above 3.68V, and about 3.8A if the voltage is above 3.8V. Between 2.7 and 3.68V it draws about 0.7mA (0.0007A). In a year, it will use less that 10% of the capacity of these batteries. I am pretty sure that is less than the self discharge rage of these things. I will get some pictures up soon.

To start with, I will be selling them through Cloud Electric Vehicles because they asked for them. I will also make a version for the ThunderSky cells too, probably through Manzanita but give me a little time on that.

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