Lithium Reg Pictures

Posted: October 18th, 2008 under BSD General, On Road EV.

OK, I promised, so here we are:This is what turns out to be the bottom of the board where the interesting bits live. Reg BottomThis is the top of the board with the load resistors sticking up in the breese. Reg Top And how it looks mounted to a “Ligntning Bolt”Reg Mounted to “Lightning Bolt”

The stuff at the right end of the top picture, is the communication bits. The board will come in three flavors: 1. Basic, which just adds a 1 ohm load when the voltage goes above its set point, 2&3: Right and Left hand versions with the ability to talk to a charger, and tell it to back off on the current, when the voltage gets too high.

Why right and left hand versions you might ask? When you assemble a pack, you will have some cells with their positive terminal on the right, and some with the negative terminal on the right. This way, the communication bus runs across one end of the cells, so I need to stuff the comm hardware on one end or the other.

In the future, I might write software to allow them to talk using the comm bus, which is EVIL bus hardware compliant, but for now, we will use it to just tell the charger to back off when charge is completing, or to tell the driver or controller to back off when the cells are getting too low.

The three white blobs at the top of the first picture are LEDs that shine through the holes you can see at the bottom of the other pictures. You can’t see it in the bottom picture, but the right one is blinking green to say that the voltage on this cell is in the top 0.12V of the charge, before completion at 3.8V.

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