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Posted: December 1st, 2008 under BSD General, On Road EV.

The Power of One Solar car project is in town!

What is the Power of One? Nine years ago, Marcelo de Luz from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was inspired when he read about the World Solar Challenge, a solar race across Australia. He decided one person could make a difference, and the Xof1 project was born. Here is a picture of Marcelo and the car, trying to catch a few feeble rays yesterday:The Power of One at 60 Acres park

In June of 2008, Marcelo left Buffalo, New York, has driven across most of Canada, up into Alaska, past the arctic circle, and back down to the Seattle area, entirely on the power of the sun. The energy is stored in 26 KoKam Lithium Ion Polymer cells weighing 60 pounds, and storing 4KWH. His solar array can produce just under 1KW in full sun, and a full charge can take him about 120 miles. The car can accelerate to 50MPH in a little over 6 seconds, and has a top speed of about 75MPH, driven by one hub motor in the rear.

He has driven over 10,000 miles since leaving Buffalo, and now every mile he drives extends the world solar mileage record.

About two weeks after departing Buffalo, his battery management system gave up the ghost. All he has had to help him keep track of the battery pack, is a volt meter. I decided he needed something better, so I spent a while yesterday modifying and installing a BatMan3EV-100 in the solar car.

Marcelo is running out of money, and currently plans to end his tour in Wenatchee in a few day, unless he gets some donations, so please donate on his website: If you can spare a few bucks, it will help a lot. I have put my money where my mouth is, besides the BatMan3, I have donated $300Cn, so please help.

Go Marcelo, show the world what can be done with only Solar Power!

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