Another Electrathon Record!

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Dave Cloud called today at lunch from Lewiston, Idaho. There is good news, bad news, and good news. The old Electrathon record was 53MPH, which Shannon beat. The bad news is that She didn’t win. The other good news is that Michael Lewis beat us AGAIN, while breaking his record by 5MPH, up to 58MPH! So that is going 58 miles in one hour on less power than a hair dryer!

That makes about 17W/H per mile. I call that efficient!

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Hello world!

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I got a message from C. Michael Lewis about the Utah Salt Flats Speed Trials. There were 4 cars that he mentioned in his email. The first was a high school car from Salt Lake City, over 50MPH.
Then there was Shane, or maybe Daniel, I guess he wasn’t sure which one was driving…93MPH!
They got up 93MPH in the standing mile.
Michael of Team ElectroLite, who beat us at New Hampshire International Speedway two years ago: over 100MPH.Michael did 100MPH!
And the New World Electrathon one mile standing start record holder, Shannon Cloud of Cloud Electric Racing: Over 110MPH!NEW Record: 110MPH on 67 pounds of lead-acid battery!

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